• The ContentSeer™ Platform
    ContentSeer™ provides a robust hosted platform to collect and mine the most relevant information from global news, social media, blogs, and more to power business solutions including competitive intelligence, media monitoring and voice of the customer...

    ContentSeer™ Platform Architecture

  • Content Acquisition: Real-time and periodic content retrieval from a range of global    multilingual news, social media, and government sources.
    • Specify watchlist terms and keywords to retrieve relevant content from news sources Lexis Nexis®, Factiva® and AP.
    • Acquire real time content using hashtags, authors, and keywords from social networks and blog platforms, and multimedia sources — Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Wordpress and Youtube
    • oAdd support for other news and social media sources or websites via APIs or web scrapers.
  • Content Enrichment: Track watchlist items, key entities, companies, topics, industry terms, sentiment, business events such as mergers or executive changes, and more.
    • Tag and extract information from raw content with support for IPTC, web and business ontologies for a rich set of default entity, topic, sentiment and event categories.
    • Cutting edge scalable, customizable text analytics technologies honed with DoD customers include machine learning and computational linguistics.
    • Native language support included for English, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.
  • Content Delivery: Combine structured enterprise data repositories with enriched unstructured data delivered from external sources to enhance reporting, data mining, business intelligence or search.
    • Access enriched content in a range of formats including configurable XML, and write to relational databases, SOLR/Lucene search indexes or semantic web RDF triple stores.
    • Other supported data sources include regulatory and government data such as SEC filings.
    • Content enrichment is flexible enough to support company-specific knowledge requirements, via customized ontologies and support for unique language patterns, industry terminology, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Low customer investment with flexible subscription models.
  • Ready-to-use standard setup with customization options for data sources, enrichment, and delivery.
  • Integrated acquisition from news, social media, blog, multimedia sources and custom sources.
  • Privacy of customer data.
  • 24*7 monitored scalable cloud-based platform for Big Data.

Content Savvy also provides licensable enterprise software for on-premise deployments.


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RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
Learn about Janya's solutions for geospatial analysis environments at the GEOINT...


RT @gurusarvothaman:
Will be at partner MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was.

RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
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