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News, social media and blogs generate large volumes of user and business content that may not all be relevant but can contain pieces of information valuable to businesses, policy organizations and government agencies.

Content Savvy provides solutions that enable organizations to leverage public content to proactively manage their brands and reputation online, capture customer feedback to feed into their CRM and customer support systems, or create new and innovative information products.

ContentSeer™ enrichment can automatically tag multilingual content and text descriptions in rich media sources to identify key entities, topics and information categories, sentiment, etc. to enable more sophisticated search and discovery.

Content Savvy solutions provide enriched content in several formats including XML and semantic web RDF that can be stored and indexed in popular content platforms such as the MarkLogic® XML server. Content Savvy also makes it easier for content management systems and search engines to be integrated with and powered by the ContentSeer™ pipeline.


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RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
Learn about Janya's solutions for geospatial analysis environments at the GEOINT...


RT @gurusarvothaman:
Will be at partner MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was.

RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
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