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Marketing and business development teams, investment managers, and executives all need and want a user friendly way to collect and organize the most relevant historical and real time global content to aid and enrich their strategic planning, investment decisions, outreach, and reporting.

Global content relevant to businesses may include regional news from China or India or Brazil in local languages, new posts on a LinkedIn group, or tweets from a prospective customer on their technology need.

The information that global content can contain is the actionable intelligence required to acquire new customers, understand emerging technology trends, or counter competitor strategies. Insight from global content can range from potential new leads or companies to watch, indicators of societal and governmental stability in emerging economies, early warnings on food or commodity shortages from specific regions, indicators on policy decisions in countries of interest, key information on your competitors, etc.

The ContentSeer™ platform's enrichment pipeline can mine global content for product launches, instances of negative sentiment against a product, executive changes, contract awards, etc. 

The ContentSeer™ analysis and enrichment pipeline allows customization to mine for in-depth information unique to a particular knowledge requirement. For example, identifying the vendor, awarding organization, dollar value, time period, etc. from a contract award announcement.


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RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
Learn about Janya's solutions for geospatial analysis environments at the GEOINT...


RT @gurusarvothaman:
Will be at partner MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was.

RT @gurusarvothaman: Will be at partner #MarkLogic Government summit 2011 in Was...
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